Welcome to by margareta

Here you will find beautiful exclusive pewter bracelets in many colors and models.
Handmade from high quality material.
Soft reindeer leather, spun pewter thread with 4% silver, copper thread, silk thread, silver beads, reindeer antler buttons ...

All bracelets are made to order.

In the Gallery you can get inspiration for your very special bracelet.

I aim to make you 100% satisfied with your bracelet!

Perhaps you want a bracelet with silver beads that sparkle like diamonds around your wrist. Perhaps you would rather have a bracelet without pearls. Perhaps you prefer a bracelet in the more classic models and colors.

Leather is available in most colors. If I do not have the color you want, I'll get it home as fast as possible.

Postage will be added for delivery outside Sweden.

Payment with Swish, PayPal or deposit on account.

Contact me via email if you have any questions or if you would like to order a bracelet.

Your bracelet will last long if you handle it with care.
Take it off by shower and bath.

Correct length on bracelet = wrist measurement + 1-1.5 cm